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Your Leading Manufacturers of fittings for Pallet Collars.

MAX MACHINERIES was Founded in Jamnagar, INDIA in 2007.

We are Specialists in Hinge Production for Pallet Collars and Currently are one of the

Leading Manufacturers in INDIA.

Our Unit has Huge Infrastructures with All In-House facilities for the manufacturing of Our Products with the latest machineries & skilled technicians.

Since the beginning we are rapidly developing by investing in new technology, introducing new products and optimizing our process.

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MAX has strong built long term business relationships with both our Buyers & Sellers.

We focus on Low Cost, High Quality and Fast Delivery.

The Market Position of MAX as a reliable and Stable Business Partner.

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    Largest Users Chain

    Pallet Collars are used in different types of Goods Distribution in INDIA and Other Countries.

    Users are well aware of how they are used and what benefits they have in comparison with another packaging chain.

    Pallet Collars are Versatile. Make a Pallet box of any height You need in Seconds.


    MAKE IN INDIA – Light and Sturdy Product


    It is a very affordable product. Only Wood and Iron is used in manufacturing.
    Pallet Collars transforming between different companies and are used to save times.
    It is a Long life Product approx. 10years.
    You can manage High Volume in low Space.
    Pallet Collars are absolutely reusable.

    Environmentally a very Friendly Packaging System.
    Row material is easily available in natural resources.
    In addition, Life Time natural resources are available.

    It is a very smooth line in the transportation system.
    It is also very fast to load in trucks and easily stackable.
    Pallet Collars are low weight and can be folded to easy in transportation.

    The Stickability gives you flexibility and guarantees Cost effective use of packaging.
    It is a very important in supply chain system.
    The same packaging can be used from Shipper to Warehouse and out to final Users.
    It is easy handling, Safe and low risk.